What Others Say

Here you’ll find notes from loved ones, sharing what they think about us becoming parents!

Bryan's mother“Bryan has always been very responsible and he’s become a very loving, mature, genuine, compassionate, and reliable person. Ally is a very sweet, loving, kind, gentle girl who loves kids of all ages. Together, they have a very solid marriage, they are best friends, and are committed to each other. After 14 years of marriage, and many failed fertilization treatments for years, there is no doubt in my mind that the baby Bryan and Ally get to adopt will be a blessing to our whole family. They are so very ready to start the next of their life, as parents. I cannot wait to have my first grandbaby!”
— Michelle, Bryan’s mom
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Celia and Jose, Ally’s parents“Even as a child, Ally talked about how she hoped one day she would adopt a baby. Bryan is a man with a lot of respect, values, and love for family. We know how much Ally and Bryan want to be parents. We know they will give their best so that their child grows up in a healthy environment and with a lot of love. They are a very stable couple emotionally, and share mutual respect and Christian values. Nothing will give us more pleasure than to welcome our future grandchild through adoption!”
— Celia and Jose, Ally’s parents
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Suzanne, Bryan’s Grandmother“Bryan and Ally have been married for 14 years and through all those years, they have wanted to have a child and to be parents. Both Bryan and Ally have a belief in God. They are responsible, conscientious, hardworking but even more than those qualities, they are caring and loving. They would be such good role models for a child. They have so much love to give.”
— Suzanne, Bryan’s Grandmother
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Jaci, a close friend“Ally is a very sweet and kind-hearted person; you can’t help but love her! She is a very strong person, she always looks at the bright side of things, and is always so positive. Bryan and Ally complement each other very well! He is a very kind-hearted person who works hard every day. I know in my heart they will be wonderful parents, they truly make a house a home! These two are a blessing from above!”
— Jaci, close friend
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Leanna, a close friend“Bryan and Ally have always been amazing with my children, and treated them as their own. They are caring, compassionate, calm, and loving people. Bryan and Ally are also dependable and honest people. They are always there for us. Bryan and Ally also have an amazing love for God; their faith is undeniable. I cannot think of two people who would make better parents than Bryan and Ally. These two people have the biggest hearts and they are the kindest individuals I have ever known.”
— Leanna, close friend
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Michael and Megan, close friends“Bryan and Ally are the kind of friends you can rely on and are always there to help you when needed. They are honest, strong, and moral people who would make wonderful parents. Bryan and Ally are completely trustworthy. We are always confident that our girls are well for, when they babysit for us.

Bryan and Ally possess all the qualities that would make them great parents, they are gentle but firm, patient, organized, loving, secure, and God-loving. Bryan is a strong and caring person that would be a wonderful father; he is always willing to drop whatever he is doing to play with our daughters. Ally might be the kindest person I have ever met. She is so sweet and caring about others. She would be an amazing mother. She always makes sure that everyone is good and taken care of. We highly recommend Bryan and Ally as adoptive parents.”
— Michael and Megan, close friends