About Bryan

Hopeful adoptive father Bryan working on his carI love Bryan’s kindness, calmness, and patience. He makes me laugh, is playful, and goofy, though he can be a little shy at first.
Bryan is supportive, a wonderful provider, and good-hearted. He serves in the military police with his degree in Criminal Justice. One of the things Bryan likes most about his work is being part of a team who shares a bond like no other.
Bryan loves time with family and friends, as well as working out at the gym and playing sports.
He’s always at ease playing with or teaching other children in our lives and I know Bryan will be an amazing, fun, devoted, involved father.
Bryan hiking and backpacking

Bryan’s Favorites

Food: Pizza and Mexican

Sports team: Los Angeles Lakers

Movies: All Marvel movies

Music genres: Classic rock, hip hop, and pop

Travel Spot: Brussels, Belgium

Hobby: Lifting weights

Color: Blue

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