Our Family

Bryan's family visiting them in AlaskaWe are very close to our families, many of whom live in California. We visit as often as we can! We also have relatives throughout the US, such as in Washington, Florida, and New York, as well as some of Ally’s family living in Mexico and France.
Bryan comes from a smaller family and Ally comes from a big family, but on both sides, home-cooked FOOD is a huge tradition!
Bryan’s side celebrates the major holidays all together, making his grandparents’ favorite recipes, and he can’t wait to pass down his love for the family’s homemade Italian dishes!
Ally’s family hosts a reunion in Mexico every year, playing baseball and soccer, traveling to see different places. They have an outdoor Easter barbecue, make homemade tamales at Christmas, and bake buñuelos for New Year (which is a Mexican fried dough fritter with cinnamon sugar). Yum!
Ally with her parentsWe enjoy all the home-cooked meals our parents taught us, but mostly we simply enjoy each other’s company. Everyone is excited to welcome a new member to the family!

More Photos of Our Extended Family

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